Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of Topor 5.4 Beta is now available


What's new in TopoR 5.4.14203 on 21/12/2012

  • The topology editor view can now display the names of pads and pad nets. To manage the display, use the Pin names and Net names check boxes, which are located on the Objects tab of the Display control panel. By default, both check boxes are selected.

  • A new tool has been added for restoring differential pairs of wires. Its primary purpose is to restore information about differential pairs that were previously created in the TopoR CAD system. This information is lost during export to other CAD systems, so it needs to be brought back during re-import into TopoR. Running the Restore diff pairs procedure will make the information available again, and the wires involved will become zipped. For this procedure to work, the design must have the necessary differential signals defined. The procedure runs automatically during import and can be launched manually by clicking Tools ► Restore diff pairs in the main menu.
  • The Eagle BRD plain-text format is now supported. This format is used by files created in the Eagle 6.0 system.
  • The Resolution parameter has been added to .ses file export settings; the parameter specifies the coordinate precision. A new template has been introduced for CADint support.
  • The version of the TopoR PCB format has been updated. For more information about the changes, see the specification of the TopoR PCB format version 1.1.1.
  • Designs made in version 5.3 will open in the new version with minor data loss. The following parameters are affected: scrolling, scaling, color settings and visibility options. To make sure that all information is retained, you should first export the design from version 5.3 to TopoR PCB format, and then import the resulting file into version 5.4.
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