Innovative Approach to Electronics DesignInnovative Approach to Electronics Design

The new version of Topor 6.0 is now available


The sixth version of the topological route TopoR added updated look , improved reliability and a lot of useful new features to the traditional competitive benefits of it’s predecessors.

Let’s have a look at the improvements:

  • saved history of open projects
  • new interface for control panel for autorouting and other automatic procedures
  • reassignment of hot keys to your choice
  • merge of FreeStyle and Manual Editors into one
  • support of “bit by bit” routing scenario
  • autorouting of differential signals
  • multi-level undo for user actions
  • guaranteed data recovery if a system crash occurs

As mentioned before, along with new features TopoR still guarantees 100% of routing, supports wire shapes with arcs and any-angle lines, dramatically reduces the total wire length and number of vias.

For more detailed information about usage of new useful features, please read the documentation.

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